Optimize your operations

You can let us know about each of your requirements and we will optimize sleek solutions for you. This is how you can look after your vehicles with an excellent App built by Nastrack.

Understand your data

Our specially designed Geofence Analytics can help you understand things better to take rapid decisions on the basis of customer’s data.

Get more jobs done

Get connected to the specially designed workforce field to continuously get and complete more jobs. This helps you improve your productivity and sales for a better growth.

Minimize your fleet risks

Minimize the risks of car repair cost by identifying the negligent drivers of your vehicle on time. This is how you will come to know any fault earlier. Hence, you would be able to take sleek steps to prevent any major risk.

Ready in minutes

The Nastrack App is something really handy for you to save you from any loss. It can be installed without the need of a GPS hardware within minutes. Thus you protect your vehicle and save good amount of money.

Track your vehicles

You can easily track the actual position of your vehicle from anywhere with Nastrack App. It makes your life really very easy. So you keep yourself in touch with your vehicles everywhere to prevent any kind of loss.

Use Nastrack in your Business

Health & Social Care

Enjoy high customer satisfaction with increasing on-time delivery.

Wholesale & Retail

Save on fuel with real-time routing optimization between multiple customers, all made possible only with the power of Cloud.


Share your records publicly to promote your individual team positions for marketing campaigns.


Make sure your construction materials are safe and on-site in time. Reduce vehicle maintenance by recognizing reckless drivers.

Professional services

Decrease mileage your sales representatives need to travel and therefore minimize your vehicle expenses.


Learn how a Mobile application can be leveraged to replace outdated GPS units.

Features of Nastrack

Professional features

You can look after the big fleets easily in minutes now. Track a particular vehicle with Nastrack App to take fleet and efficient decisions for better results. This App is really beneficial to avoid any major hazards and help you save money. 


The custom reports that are pre-designed, can help you learn that how much a particular vehicle spends. This can drive you to take efficient decisions on the basis of regular data charts. So you always monitor how much was spent by a particular vehicle at a particular time.

Job dispatch

You can monitor the start and end of each job with the help of Nastrack App. It gives you privilege to assign a particular job, verification of job completion without any administrative overhead. This is how you can start any job easily and mark it as completed when it’s done.

Automatic detection

Nastrack App is a great solution for you to track vehicles. You can track each and everything hence you never miss even a small record. Its excellent features allow to restart the tracking of your vehicle even when your phone reboots