Mobile application

NasTrack minimizes expenses, saves time and money!

NasTrack Android mobile app is the key and replacement of the old, well known GPS tracking units you have to buy and let install it to your vehicle. You don’t have to wait till you get term when you can come with vehicle to install the unit or wait till some mechanics visits you to install unit.

With NasTrack you are free, you can use any Android device (smartphone, tablet) and customize the app for what you need to track and how you need it. Whenever you want you can decide what data plan you will use or even track offline without data plan and synchronize tracks when you are at home or parking on a place with Wi-Fi access. You can also let automatically synchronize tracks when the mobile device packet data are cheaper (etc. at night hours).

Are you scared that our app will discharge your battery as other apps do? We have been thinking about that. You can use a functionality when the app is tracking only when the device is connected to vehicle charger. Or you can rely on a functionality that records only when the vehicle is moving – the app knows that and saves battery when not moving.

The greatest power in this concept are portability, low entry/operating costs and the broader settings with which you can customize it to your specific needs and save on data plans or on custom software development when you need special behavior.

Full list of features

Mobile application:

  • to begin for registration one form filling is needed (using same Google account on device and on web app)
  • easy to share vehicles and trips between users / business owners via email
  • auto-recording – recording tracks without user’s interaction
    • on move – using various sensors to detect movement, ability to initiate recording after certain speed is exceeded,
    • on vehicle charger,
    • on vehicle bluetooth headset,
    • manual recording
    • Tasker/Locale plugin
  • fully configurable app – e.g. recording interval, synchronization modes, etc.
  • imperial and metric units
  • online/offline recording
  • daily synchronization on specific time of the day (etc. when at home with free wifi)
  • current location on demand via web app or SMS request
  • low battery notifications
  • battery life enhancement – sophisticated method using various in device sensors to detect movement and save battery life
  • GPS failure enhancements, calculating missing mileage data
  • synchronization with cloud server
    • while recording,
    • at specific time and day of week,
    • manual synchronization of selected tracks
  • supporting old devices (Android version > 2.2)
  • supporting tablets

Web application:

  • imperial and metric units, different time zones, different time and date format
  • historical and current position of fleet on map
  • live statistics – map, graphs and stats
  • support for various map resources – currently 3 map vendors are supported
  • geofences
    • alerts – be notified when a vehicle/driver enter/exit any geofence
    • rewrites – rewrite from/to track address with custom geofence name
    • POI – custom geofence color and icon
  • reports in most used formats – Excel, PDF
  • standard reports
    • Logbook,
    • Vehicle mileage statistics,
    • Geofence/Customer time reports great for ROI calculation,
    • IRS report
  • localisation
    • English
  • public API – for business users to connect third party software like CRM