Mobile Device Application installation


There are two ways how you can install the mobile application. Choose the one you are more familiar with.

From your web browser

  1. Go to Google Play Store:
    (click on this button or search “nastrack”)
  2. Search for and click on “Install” button. If you aren’t signed in then SIGN IN.  Select device on which you want to install NasTrack app.
  3. Press “Install” at the bottom right.
  4. The app will install automatically to your device. After it’s installed search for it under apps.

From your Android phone or tablet

  1. Start Google Play Store (old name Market):
    (Play Store icon on your mobile)
  2. Click on Search Icon on top right Play search and search for “nastrack”.
    (search result looks like this)
  3. Tap on the result to view NasTrack app page. Then click on Download button.
  4. Wait until the app is installed. Right after the installation ends you can tap on Open or go to your apps and search for NasTrack.

This is how our app icon on your tablet/phone looks like: